Hello, I'm Milos.
I created AMPLYFM


What is Amplyfm?

Amplyfm is a open-source web app where you can enjoy unlimited free music, search for your favorite artists and genres or discover new ones, get song lyrics, watch your favorite music videos and share them with your friends.

Amplyfm combines the power of Last.fm and YouTube to bring you this unique concept. But it is not without its flaws. Since Amplyfm uses Youtube for streaming songs, it will sometimes return live version, cover or even a wrong song. It all depends on how the videos are positioned in search query and if they are allowed to be embedded outside the Youtube.

How was Amplyfm built?

Amplyfm is a web app built with jQuery and Bootstrap on the front-end and uses Firebase Realtime Database for server-side rendering on the back-end. For the data, such as artist biography, top tracks, similar artists, etc. it uses Last.fm API. For the lyrics, it uses lyrics.ovh API. And for streaming actual songs it uses YouTube data API. I did all the design myself, except icons, which are taken from Font Awesome. The site uses Firebase for hosting.
If you want to take a closer look at how Amplyfm was built, visit the GitHub repo.

What's the best way to contact you?

Want to see if I'm available for hire? Need some help or feedback using Amplyfm? Don't hesitate to contact me, tweet @aciddjus or email
I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

FAQ about using Amplyfm

It can mean a couple of things. The artist or genre you have searched for is not in the Last.fm database or they did not provide the data in their API. I have also filtered out artists that have no tags (genres) related to them in order to increase reliability.

Amplyfm uses youtube for streaming music. It returns a search query for a given song and it takes the first video that is allowed to be embedded outside youtube. So, sometimes it hapens that you get a live version, cover or even a wrong song since it doesn't filter the results. The reason for not filtering the query is that the first result in it is usually the most probable match.

Not at the moment. Creating a user account, where you can store data, such as a favorite artist or a playlist, is not currently supported but is planned for a future release.

Top tracks list is formed by taking the top 15 all time most listened artist songs from the Last.fm website. If song you are looking for is not included in the list it means that it is not in the top 15.

Unfortunately, some of the lyrics are not allowed to be fully displayed without the licence and some of the lyrics are not available through the API Amplyfm is using.